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mercoledì 3 luglio 2013

We are in Puglia: the new strategic advertising claim

source: eturbonews
ITALY (eTN) - The launch of the co-marketing ad campaign of the Puglia region with Nikon in the European markets has proved to be successful only after one week of its launch. And it is a success also for the Italian image at a low cost.
This joint action with Nikon, as explained Silvia Godelli, Regional Councillor for Culture, Tourism, and the Mediterranean, lowers the cost of advertising and links Puglia to a brand of the first magnitude in the world.
"The campaign touches the major cities of Europe,” added Mrs. Godelli, “and the Region of Puglia along with ENIT sets off for a new challenge, aimed at introducing our territories, pointing on the main tourist markets, with a double brand - that of Italy and a region such as Puglia, which has experienced in recent years a rampant success. This is an exciting adventure, to present our territories in their variety and in their extraordinary beauty, as discovered by the film industry that has chosen Puglia to shoot their films along the beautiful coasts, the art city rich of the finest Baroque architecture, masserie [old-style farms], and unique landscapes.”

The goal of marketing “We are in Puglia” is to enhance the reputation of the region in the markets from which there is direct flights to the airports of Bari and Brindisi, further increasing traffic of foreign tourists in the last years which showed good data in terms of attendance. Puglia invites the tourist to go here as a destination for their holidays not only in the warmer summer months, because the region, thanks to the mild climate, is warm all year round, and this basically points to an extension of the tourist season.
"The strategy of Puglia aims to penetrate the foreign markets in support of our most innovative products in the vast world of experiential tourism,” said Giancarlo Piccirillo, DG of the Regional Puglia Promozione. “The co-branding shows the appeal of Puglia, able to awaken a positive feeling that enhances the pairing with major international brands. This campaign is an example of good practice that should be adopted by many others."
Puglia Promozione is considered strategic to tie the brand of Puglia to that of “Italia.” The logo "Italy" by ENIT is in fact in the visual of the campaign to pass the basic message that all regional brands are part of the national one.
"Puglia is a jewel of our country,” said the President of ENIT, Pier Luigi Celli, “to work united to spread abroad the vast territorial offer is a successful example of the team work we are doing, both in communication and planning, even with the other Italian regions, with the common goal to return Italy’s tourist ranking to the top of the world."