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lunedì 10 febbraio 2014

Salento e Pasticciotto Obama: un must per Travelerstoday

Il famoso portale Travelers today, celebra quattro mete e specialità meno note d'Europa tra cui: il Salento e il Pasticciotto salentino dedicato al Presidente degli Stati Uniti.

Di seguito il testo in originale:

Beyond the Eiffel Tower, Pantheon, Berlin Wall, Colosseum and the Alps, Europe has so much more to offer travelers on their next trip back. 
Those looking for more unusual, less popular and offbeat things to do and sights to see won't be left high and dry in this continent. If Europe next year is part of the plan, then consider these offbeat travel ideas to make the trip extra special and unforgettable.

Feast on an Obama Pasticciotto in Italy's Hee

A peninsula in Italy's heel called Salento is an off-the-radar spot in the country that offbeat travelers should consider visiting. Apart from having a delicious gooey and chocolatey desert named after the US preseident, the peninsula also boasts of beautiful beaches, baroque architecture and the finest foods and wine. It is practically living the Italian dream.